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Southern Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic| 2703 Huntsville Highway, Fayetteville, TN  | 931.433.0120


When are you open?
Tues- 7:45 - 12 noon
Wed 7:45 - 4:00
Thurs 7:45 - 4:00
Fri- 7:45 am - 12 noon

How soon can I get an appointment
Call to check for availability

How can I get a feral cat fixed?

Call for availability and pre-op instructions
All cast must be brought in a live trap.
We have a trap- loan program available for a $20 deposit that is refundable upon return of trap.

How long do they stay?
Overnight. You pick them up the following morning between 7:45 am and 8:00 am.

Can they have food and water the night before?
No food after midnight. Water is okay.

Do you send them home with pain meds?

Every patient receives quality pain medication prior to spay/neuter surgery.

Our veterinarian will prescribe go home meds for those that occasionally need it.

Please ask our staff.

What vaccines do you provide and which do you recommend?
Rabies is included with all surgeries (for animals 12 weeks and older)

For dogs
We also offer heart worm testing
If test results are negative heartworm preventative medicine is available for purchase

For cats
Feline Leukemia Vaccine

FIV/FeLV testing is also available

Do you microchip?
Yes for a $20 fee.

How old do animals have to be to be fixed?
3 months or 3 pounds

What is the oldest age that an animal can have surgery at your clinic?
10 years old
All animals 7+ years are required to have a Pre-anesthetic blood panel. We do not offer that service but you can get it from your veterinary clinic. Test results must be brought in or sent to us before surgery.

When do they start coming into heat?
Cats can come into heat as early as 4 months
Dogs can come into heat at 6 months, smaller breeds as early as 4 months
If they come into heat they can get pregnant

How long are they in heat?

Cats- Can last up to 2 weeks. Cats can go into heat up to 10 times a year.
Dogs- 3+ weeks
There will be an extra fee for dogs in heat at time of surgery. That fee will depend on your dog's weight

How long are they pregnant?
Gestation period is 58 to 67 days

Can you fix them while they’re pregnant?

Is it dangerous if they’re in heat/pregnant?
There is a higher risk because of increased blood flow and fluid volume.
If the dog is in heat we prefer to wait two weeks after the bloody discharge has stopped to decrease risk.
Cats are harder to catch in between heat cycles so we will spay cats in heat.

How soon after a litter can they be fixed?
Cats: as soon as kittens are weaned and the mother’s milk is dry. This is around 8 weeks.
They can become pregnant while nursing so keep away from other adult males.

Dogs: puppies need to be weaned and the mother's milk dry. We know that it's not always possible but prefer to wait till the puppies are 12 weeks old.

What is the extra green incision?
It’s a tattoo to permanently identify the incision. Male cats are the only ones that do not get one.

Should I be worried that my dog/cat is licking his/ her incision?
Yes licking can open the incision and introduce bacteria that can cause infection.

What should I do to keep my cat/dog from licking his/her incision?
Apply Bitter Yuck AROUND (not directly on) the incision to deter licking. E-collars (cones) are another option available.

My pet is already spayed/neutered. Do you offer low-cost vaccines or any other low cost services?
We offer low-cost vaccines at the time of the spay/neuter ONLY. We are not a full service vet. We focus on spay/neuter to prevent unwanted litters.

Why do you keep my pet overnight? Does someone stay with them?
We keep them overnight so they have a quiet, secluded place where they can sleep off their anesthesia and recover without any physical activity.
No staff stays overnight, but our medical staff monitors the animals for several hours after surgery and is here until every animal is awake.


Cat Spay                                        $50

Cat Neuter                                    $40

Dog Spay up to 69 lbs.                $70

                  70 to 90 lbs.                $85

Dog Neuter up to 69 lbs.            $60

                      70 to 90 lbs.            $75

Surgery price includes a rabies vaccine if needed.

*Other Services


DA2PPV vaccine                           $10

distemper, adenovirus type 2 (hepatitis), parainfluenza, parvo

Heartworm Test                           $12 

6 months and older

Canine Tri-Wormer (oral)            $6

Microchip                                       $20


FVRCP vaccine                               $10

rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukipenia (distemper)

FeLV/Fiv Combo test                    $18

feline immunodeficiency/feline leukemia

Feline Leukemia vaccine             $15

Feline Bi-Wormer                         $3

Microchip                                      $20